There can be only one!

One light for fashion and beauty photography is where I always start! Just imagine there’s no such thing as studio lighting, where would you go? simple, outside where there is only one light, so where do you start? well you have pretty much all the same options as you would in a studio, hard light, soft light, bounce light, back light, it’s all there, you just need to know where to look. I have a lot of people ask how I approach certain styles of photography just using the natural, ambient light available. I have many responses to this but let’s start simple, you want a soft clean head shot or beauty shot, what’s your first port of call for this? mine would be a North facing window or North facing wall or building to bounce light into the subject, it’s amazing what you can find to help produce the result you’re looking for. The Sun gives you all the styles of lighting you could ever need, from hard light on clear skies to cloudy or overcast skies giving you the Worlds biggest soft box, so arm yourself with a small reflector, get outdoors and create some stunning images! Remember stay safe, keep your distance from others whilst under the current lock down.

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